Content marketing

Content marketingis a response to the problem of decreasing effectiveness of traditional ways of advertising. Internet users are more and more aware when it comes to choosing the content they receive. They look for valuable information and disregard what they do not find interesting. Content marketing allows you to build engagement and lasting relations with clients.

Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing means long-term and consistent activities related to publishing attractive and useful content targeted at a specific group of people. Content marketing is more effective than standard ads. The latter ones are more and more often seen as aggressive and effectively deter customers. Unlike promotional activities based on classic advertising, content marketing focuses on building positive relationships and strengthening the brand’s position.

Content marketing may take a form of, for example: articles, guides, reviews or interviews. The tools most frequently used by entrepreneurs are social media, newsletters, articles on the website, graphics or original videos. Publishing interesting content is meant to bring benefits both to the company and readers. The content should be a source of valuable information. It should also provide information related to the company.

To recap, the basic activities of this form of marketing involve creating and publishing interesting content that will attract attention of a specific group of customers and build their loyalty through consistent steps undertaken in this direction.

Content marketing is a universal tool. Thanks to that, it may be used at almost any stage of sale and in every industry meeting diverse needs and goals. The variety of content marketing forms has made it one of the most popular forms of marketing on the Internet. Of course, such form of promotion may also be used beyond the virtual world, in the form of leaflets, folders, etc.

Content marketing is often associated with the concept of viral marketing, i.e. activities aimed at building brand awareness by convincing recipients to share information with friends or family. This often happens via forums and social media. Content marketing works on a similar principle – by publishing useful content we try to convince users to consider the company’s offer valuable and recommend it to other friends. The more valuable the content, the greater chances for this venture to succeed.

Content marketing – building brand position

It is no secret that a client is more likely to choose a product offered by a brand he recognizes and considers trustworthy. Content marketing is a perfect tool to make him feel and behave this way. The right activities will help you maintain the current clients and get the new ones. This, in turn, will help you increase profits. The more often potential clients see a given brand, the more likely it is that they will choose it when shopping. Therefore, successful content marketing can generate significant profits for your business.

Content marketing and website positioning

Helpful and interesting content has an impact not only on the brand image or customer trust. Two main factors used by Google’s algorithms to determine the position of search results include the quality of the published content and links that lead to it. A Googlebot, based on many factors, takes a decision whether the content is useful and valuable.

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