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A creative and functional online store can be a great way to multiply your company’s profits. The importance of online sales is increasing day by day. It does not only save our time but also allows users to access a wide range of products and services. For a company, an online shop is a chance to extend its reach, not only in Poland but also abroad. It is also a form of sale which does not require renting premises or employing staff. Besides, it is available 24/7 and because of that it is highly attractive for anyone who wants to try their hand at business.

Creating online stores – how to start?

When you plan to open an online store, you should start with a strategy that will allow you company to stand out from the crowd and determine what your target group is. It is also important to choose the domain and graphic design that characterize your company best. These are elements building  the identity of the brand and it will be associated with them from now on.

Tworzenie sklepów internetowych

Effective online store should:

  • Be tailored to the client and consistent with his business goals
  • Be based on a unique graphic design tailored to the industry and target group
  • Be easy to use, both for the buyer and the seller
  • Be secure – all data is well protected
  • Have an unlimited number of categories and products
  • Use the latest tool for promotion and sales
  • Be properly optimized for search engines
  • Enable proper product categorization and presentation
  • Be compliant with the current standards and good practices
Tworzenie sklepów internetowych

The choice of e-commerce software

The decision whether to use a store based on a ready template or choose a dedicated solution written from scratch for a given client is important for the further development of the store

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