Web design & development

We make functional and visually attractive websites . We specialize in providing comprehensive services related to web design and development – from the first meeting with our client and determining their needs, through graphic design to the final product.

Strony internetowe Warszawa

Customized web design & development

A professional website is a must-have for any modern company. The vast majority of potential clients look for answers to their questions online.  A website is the most important showcase for your business – frequently, the user’s first contact with the brand. Esthetic and functional website means greater chances for your company to be noticed online.

Strony internetowe Warszawa

The company website – the image of your business is at stake

Designing and making functional and visually attractive websites is what we specialize in. We create website which will effectively help you raise the prestige of the company and win over customers. We work with you at every stage of the project so that the final shape of the proposed solutions matches the company’s image and meets all your requirements. Websites we make display well on different screen resolutions, including mobile devices. The structure of the website facilitates reaching  high position in search engine results. We provide comprehensive services  – from individual graphic design, through broadly understood consulting and finally, to training in the use of CMS.

Marketing agency Estinet offers:

  • Websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Social networking websites
  • Internet portals
  • Online shops
  • Web applications

What makes our projects different?

  • Intuitive navigation and logical content presentation
  • Modern and functional graphics
  • Optimization of code, graphic elements and content in terms of position in search engines
  • Proper work in all browsers
  • Intuitive and effective CMS
  • Consulting and training

How we design & develop our websites


Identification of needs

We start web design by collecting information and analysing customer needs. There are many factors affecting the final shape of the website you need to consider. The starting point is a full understanding of the company or institution. We define our client’s expectations as well as requirements and needs of target users. Thanks to that, the website we create can be an effective marketing tool and not just an additional burden you have to handle.


Defining how the website will work

We prepare initial mock-ups, layout and site map taking into account the best User Experience practices. We focus on making it easy for a visitor to find the information they need and navigate the website in an understandable and legible way.


Preparing the graphic design

A graphic design must take into account many factors. It should emphasize the visual identity of the company, meet the tastes of target group, underline the nature of services provided by the company and general principles of aesthetics. It is an important stage in creating brand awareness online – it has a huge impact on how the company will be received by potential customers.


Developing a website and implementing CMS

When the graphic design and layout are accepted, we start coding. At this stage, we work on particular pages, which are ultimately used by CMS. When developing a website we also implement elements related to the correct optimization of pages in line with standards in force and connected with positioning in search engine.


Testing the correctness and availability of the website

We provide services at the highest level – from the very beginning we strive at eliminating the possibility of errors. Additionally, at the testing stage, the entire website is once again verified for the possibility of problems occurrence. At this moment, we check the website on various mobile devices, browsers and operating systems so that nothing interferes with the correct operation of the website.


Publication of the website on the server

This is one of the final stages of making a website. We install the finished and properly secured website on the production server. At this stage we also install additional tools to analyze website traffic and improve website performance.


Corrections and additional services

When our work on the website is completed, we conduct professional training in the use of content management system (CMS) and 24-hour technical support. Each website we make is covered by a warranty package – we offer ongoing technical support and, on request, consultations regarding the possible further development of your website.

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