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Reaching high positions in organic search results is currently the most effective marketing strategy to help your brand become recognizable on the Internet. Effective website positioning will definitely help you reach first pages of search results. However, activities undertaken have to be carefully planned to achieve that. SEO audit of you website should be the first step to effectively improve the position of your website.

Audyt strony www

What is SEO audit?

A website is an efficient and profitable marketing tool only when it runs smoothly and clearly presents all the information. Its visibility in search engines is of great importance as well. When it takes high positions, your potential clients may easily notice your website. A website audit is nothing more than a thorough analysis of the possible obstacles in its positioning and proper operation. All factors affecting website positioning are examined. A list of encountered problems, their consequences and solutions are presented in the form of a document.

To sum up: a SEO audit is a thorough analysis of the website. All the optimization activities  meant to increase the value of your website for search engines will be carried out based on this examination.

What does a website audit involve?

Website audit is a complex and multi-stage process. It involves carrying out analysis of both the design and content of the website as well as external factors that may affect its visibility.

Website audit includes the assessment of:

  • Server and domain choice – bad choice of a domain name or inappropriate hosting have a significant impact on our position is search engines results.
  • Site structure – by site structure we mean relations between subpages of the website such as internal linking, URLs formation, navigation path and the site hierarchy.
  • Code correctness – all errors in the source of the website can be a significant obstacle in positioning. Sometimes, eliminating a small error in your website’s code can considerably increase website traffic.
  • Website SEO – the analysis of the website structure in relation to constantly changing requirements of search engines.
  • Technical solutions – checking if all 301 redirections are correct, mobile version displays well, SSL certificate is installed. Apart from that, we will also analyze page speed, robots.txt file and sitemap.xml as well as the integration of the website with Google Tools for Web Developers.
  • Website content – website audit also means examining website content and graphic materials. We will check if the website has unique content and graphics interact with functions the website should perform. We will verify if images are prepared in the right way.
  • Website traffic – tracking bounce rate, traffic analysis and conversion rates.
Audyt strony www

Why is online SEO audit not a good choice?

Online audits primarily rely on the use of a ready tool checking if a website contains particular elements relevant for SEO. They are useful only to some extent. They allow non-specialists to notice some of the problems affecting their site. However, based on them it is not possible to fully optimize the website in terms of Google visibility and increase the website usability.  One of the reasons is that these applications usually check one subpage at a time, typically the main page.

Even if we put aside technical aspects of conducting such an analysis, application like that cannot assess the sense of keywords appearing on the website or the uniqueness of the texts.

Certainly, the result of such an assessment cannot be treated as reliable examination of your website.

Audyt strony www

Professional SEO audit is the first step to raise your website’s position online.

Failure to analyze your website thoroughly may lead to positioning which does not bring expected results. Without determining the exact causes of problems with your website, all activities meant to raise your site’s position in search engines may prove ineffective.

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