Website maintenance

Proper website maintenance has a huge impact on the way your website is perceived by both potential clients and search engines.

Obsługa stron internetowych

Development and maintenance of websites

Proper maintenance of the website is crucial from the perspective of online marketing. Outdated content or old and unattractive images are a simple way to lose the trust if potential customers visiting your website. Administering a website is a time-consuming task consisting of many elements. Ignoring its importance may have lots of negative consequences for your company’s image and website security.

Website maintenance – what is it about?

Effective website maintenance involves:

  • Constant monitoring if your website is compatible with the latest standards and technologies
  • Content updates
  • Preparing banners and other graphic elements
  • Website development and implementation of new functionalities
  • CMS updates
  • Optimization of content and images for search engines
  • Repairing any errors on the website
  • Correct display of the website on all mobile devices
  • Website security, preparing regular backups
  • Professional help and consultation
  • SSL Certificate configuration
  • Integration with social media
  • Training employees in running the website
administrowania stronami internetowymi

If you want your website to be attractive to users and visible in search engines, updates should be carried out regularly. Proper website maintenance has a positive impact not only on the image of your website online but also on its visibility. This in turn, mean higher traffic on your website.

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