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Pozycjonowanie stron www

What is website positioning and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Positioning is a long-term process aimed at obtaining and maintaining the highest possible position of a website for specific key phrases in search engine results. SEO is about constant optimization of content, technical aspects of the website and links leading to it until the website reaches desired position. The efforts need to be continued later on to maintain the satisfactory place in search engine ranking.

Pozycjonowanie stron www

What does website positioning consist of?

SEO is a complex, multi-stage and long-term process. We know exactly what factors are taken into account by Google’s robots and which elements of the design and content of the website affect effective positioning of the website. Website positioning requires taking many actions on various levels.

The most important website positioning activities include:

  • Website optimization – following an in-depth analysis of your website, we implement a series of activities such as improving the logical structure of the website, optimizing technical elements, meta tags, adding alternative texts etc.
  • Selection of key words and phrases – by keywords we mean words entered into the Google search engine in order to find specific information, products or services. Making the right choices is one of the most important factors determining the success of SEO activities on your website. Optimization of the website for selected key phrases is cyclical. It is repeated every time such a need arises during website positioning process .
  • Indexing your website with Google
  • Building the content of your website – having analyzed websites of your competitors, we will prepare the content for your website. Texts which are unique, long enough and properly saturated with keywords are one of the most important factors taken into account by Google while determining whether a website is relevant and valuable. Positive assessment naturally raises the position of your website in the search engine.
  • Gaining links leading to your website (link building) – professional link profile building allows you to raise the position of your website in search results and make your website visible online.
  • Optimization of images – graphic elements attract users’ attention. Besides, they also allow you to draw traffic from the Google Image Search. However, images have to be properly optimized. Otherwise, the chances of appearing in Google Images and bringing traffic to your website in this way are slim.
  • Monitoring the position of your website in the search engine – checking the position of your website in search engines for selected keywords is the basis of our work. Only systematic activities aimed at website positioning and optimization bring positive results in the long run.

Web analytics

An important part of maintaining a high position in the search engine is implementation of web analytics tools.

Analityka internetowa

Web analytics is a process that involves collecting data about your website’s users, thoroughly analyzing this data and implementing actions to achieve selected business goals. Considering that website traffic translates into the success of your website, it is necessary to constantly monitor this information. By means of appropriate analytical tools, we will help you find out which of your marketing activities are effective and which require refinement and development of appropriate strategy for promoting your business online. Appropriate use of these tools allows you to achieve your dream results in business, in particular, increasing your profits. In addition to specialist knowledge  in this area, we also provide you with tools that will let you monitor traffic on your website, assess its popularity and effectiveness.

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