Technical support and website maintenance:

Completing the project definitely does not mean the end of our cooperation. We are aware that trends and customer needs are changing. That is why, we provide continuous support and adapt our product to market requirements.

Technical support and website maintenance:

We update the Content Management System – WordPress or Joomla – to ensure its continuity. Updating the website’s software guarantees that the website will be properly protected.

  • Training in the use of content management system – after completing work on the website and its implementation, we offer professional training in CMS use. We introduce our clients to the specifics of the website and make sure that they know how to update and make changes to the content. The training will allow them to understand how the website operates and perform necessary actions efficiently and quickly.
  • 24/7 technical support – we provide help when you need it. We will make sure that your websites runs smoothly at all times. We will find the source of the problem when it occurs and fix it. We will also implement necessary corrections to ensure the security of the website. If the website is on our server and stops running as a result of its failure, we will restore it at no extra cost.
  • Change of domain or server – we also offer our support if you want to change the domain or server
  • Website maintenance and management/ website content update – your website is a significant investment in the company. It is worth ensuring that it remains an asset rather than an administrative burden. Constant updating of the website content will make your company credible and attractive to visitors. We will enter information related to your activity, products and current promotions. We will take care of placing banners, photos and texts and removing them when they are no longer valid.
obsługa i zarządzanie stronami

Ongoing technical support

An effective website is constantly evolving, adapting to changing trends and customer needs. Regardless of whether you have a simple or complicated website with a CMS, blog or a newsletter, we will provide you with help in whatever you need.

Estinet will help you maximize the potential of your website. We will help you take decisions regarding your website’s efficiency and online presence both now and in the future. Together we are able to build, develop and achieve goals related to your online business.

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